Tom Evans Audio Design

The Tom Evans Audio Design MicroGroove STD mk2.5


A direct descendent of the Tom Evans designed Michell ISO, this entry level price phono stage is anything but entry level when it comes to performance.

Using high grade silicon as part of its design and with a signal path that is DC coupled, it’s built along the lines of a stereo amplifier powered by industry standard voltage regulators.
As with all of our pre-amps, we can configure them to suit any Moving Coil/Moving Magnet cartridge. This also means that we can upgrade the unit to a PLUS for even greater resolution.

The new mk2.5 version features an entirely new designed front end gain stage for wider signal bandwidth and considerably lower distortion figures.

All of our range now come with selectable dip switches to give you a choice of 5 cartridge loading resistances per channel. 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 ohm are selectable, and if you require a custom load then please let us know.

The gain is set for an optimum level to suit most current cartridges of 0.2mv to 0.6mv Other gains can be catered for upon request.

The mk2.5 MicroGroove really is a giant killer.

HiFi Choice Maximum 5 Star rating for sound quality.

Estimated selling price: £600.00