Tom Evans Audio Design

MasterGroove SR Mk3


Such is the overwhelming complexity and work load of hand measuring and perfectly matching every component of this ultimate phono stage, this limited edition model is only available at a rate of ten units per year.

Featuring a custom case with a fully balanced XLR output circuit as well as a single ended RCA phono output.

Our most sophisticated internal PSU design with a far more complexed front end gain stage, has over 50% less signal distortion than the already reference MasterGroove model. This provides the greatest dynamic range of any phono stage in the World by an incredible margin. The very ethos of this is the resolution of more detail than was ever thought possible from any HiFi medium. A set of measurements so in advance of the competition that it will be more akin to testing an advanced Alien technology than measuring a mere electronic device.

If the future of Audio is to be defined by one component, then we believe the Tom Evans Audio Design MasterGroove SR Mk3 will be that component, and given all that you already know about our World beating range of phono stages, do you truly believe that such an advancement would come from anyone else?

The new MasterGroove SR Mk3 is a quite literally beyond reality!

Estimated selling price: £20,000.00