Tom Evans Audio Design

Due to recent great advancements in IC (Integrated Circuit) technology, playing vinyl has become a whole new experience. It has reached the point where it's becoming almost impossible to tell (the occasional click of dust aside) what format you are listening to!

The new range of mkII phono amp units, consisting of the Micro X, Micro Plus X, Groove Anniversary. Groove Plus SRX and Mastergroove are in full production and are now available throughout our World wide dealer network. 


Customer feedback from those first to have upgraded to mkII units has been 100% positive (many thanks to all those individuals). Many are commenting on how they can now hear so much more from their vinyl recordings. The jump in performance that results from so many internal changes to the designs throughout the range is quite astounding. Indeed, as a guidance we can tell you that a mkII Groove Anniversary will outperform, (by a large margin) the original award winning Mastergoove design!

We get many calls and emails from folk asking how much importance they should place upon the phono amp in their system?  The answer is of course, no matter how good your turntable, arm and cartridge combination is, the tiny signal from a low/medium output coil is open to corruption simply because of the vulnerability of such a small signal voltage. Add to this the EQ and gain needed to amplify the signal while reproducing an extremely flat frequency response above line level and you can understand how difficult it is to maintain your cartridges signal integrity.

We can’t speak for other manufacturers designs, but the higher up in the range of our phono amps you choose, the more information you will be able to retrieve from your record collection, it is as simple as that.

More than ever before we have now provided you with a range of phono amps with advanced precision electronic engineering that will allow you to replay your favourite recordings as they were originally recorded by the performers.

Most importantly, we do hope you enjoy the fruits of our sleepless nights and Sterling efforts, because in the end, the sounds are what matters.